1. Is online ordering safe?


You can rest assured that shopping on Godoxmarket is secure! We are the official authorized online ordering website for Godox products, and our mission is to ensure your satisfaction with our services and products.


2. When can I cancel an order?


We can only modify orders that have not yet been processed for shipment. Once an order has been shipped, it cannot be canceled. To modify your order, please submit your request through the "Contact Us" form or directly email  with your requirements.


3. What if I can't find the Godox products and accessories I'm looking for on the website?


Due to the extensive range of Godox products, some items may not be listed on the website. However, please don't worry, as our warehouse stocks all available Godox products and accessories. If you can't find the products and accessories you need on the website, please send an email to us. We will promptly list the products you require to facilitate online ordering.


4. Which courier companies do you usually use for shipping, and how long does it take?


We primarily collaborate with FedEx, UPS, and DHL for shipping. We select the best logistics method based on the product's size and weight. The order processing time may take 1-3 days to ensure accuracy, excluding shipping time. After dispatch, it typically takes around 5-10 days for the product to reach you. We are not responsible for deviations in estimated transit times due to the courier and natural disasters. You can track your order on the respective websites of the courier companies:


- [FedEx]

- [DHL]

- [UPS]


5. Is shipping free?


We regularly offer global free shipping for orders over $200, excluding oversized products such as luggage.


6. What is the warranty period?


The standard warranty period is 12 months for the main unit, 3 months for the flash tube, and 6 months for batteries. For detailed warranty policies, please refer to our warranty page


7. Do you have an after-sales service point in the United States?


Yes, we have an after-sales service point in the United States, but it is exclusively available for customers who have made purchases on our website. For more information, please refer to our warranty page


8. How do I pay for my order?


We accept PayPal or credit cards as an online payment method.