Warranty  Policy


Godox adheres to the policy of producing products that meet all quality standards.


Before launching products to the market, we conduct multiple tests and controls to ensure that the products are flawless and function perfectly.


According to applicable laws and warranty terms, each product is covered by a warranty:


Normal host warranty period: 12 months

Flash tube warranty period: 3 months

Battery warranty period: 6 months


However, certain situations are not covered by the free warranty:


Mechanical damage and defects caused by it: Damages caused by improper use or storage of the product, such as liquid immersion, moisture, extreme temperatures, atmospheric discharge, chemical agents, or other external factors beyond our control, will not be covered by the warranty.

If the complaint is about the functionality of the product or if the defects are caused by improper use, the customer may be charged for the transportation and diagnosis of the product.


Defects occurring during the warranty period will be repaired free of charge as soon as possible,  However, if the repair requires imported spare parts or other unforeseen circumstances beyond Godox's control, the repair period may be extended.


Godox is not liable for economic losses and other civil legal consequences (such as profit loss, turnover loss, inability to conduct business, etc.) caused by defects in advertising equipment.


If the equipment needs to be delivered to a service organization for repair, the customer is obligated to pack the equipment in a properly fixed package and use fillers to avoid the risk of damage during transportation. If damages occur during transportation, the cost will be borne by the customer. We do not accept cash on delivery packages.


Service requests can be submitted directly on the website or in person at the time of purchasing the product.


Shipping Costs: During the warranty period, shipping costs for repair are covered by Godox.


Our warranty policy aims to provide comprehensive coverage for your electronic products. During the warranty period, in the event of a malfunction or defect, we are committed to covering the shipping costs associated with the repair process. Customers experiencing issues with their products are encouraged to initiate the warranty process by contacting us through email.

For instances falling outside the warranty period or involving damage resulting from misuse or accidental causes, customers may be responsible for covering the shipping expenses associated with the return and repair of the product. Prior to sending any products for repair, we recommend contacting our customer service to discuss the specific details of your situation and to understand the applicable terms of our warranty and shipping policy.

Our goal is to ensure a transparent and fair process for our customers, delivering efficient solutions to address any product-related concerns. 


Product Warranty Process


1. Initiate the process by sending an email to us, providing preliminary information about the issue.

2. Await our email response, and follow our instructions to ship the product to our after-sales service center in the United States.

3. After-sales inspection and repair procedures will be carried out.

4. The repaired product will be shipped back to the customer via courier.